Ceiling Fan Installation Errors that Professional Electricians Never Make

Installation of ceiling fans may look blatantly easy and anybody’s job.  This is not the case. However easy the job of installing a ceiling fan may appear, there are a few tight knots here and there, and that’s where the mistakes are made. That’s why, if you are to have a ceiling fan installed at your home, you must look forward to hiring a quality level 2 electrician in Brisbane or elsewhere depending upon your location, with relevant qualification and experience. This is to ensure that they carry out the installation in flawless way. Let us go through the mistakes that the professionals would never commit during installation of ceiling fans. 

Not measuring the ceiling beforehand

One of the first and foremost steps that the professionals would do before installation of ceiling fans in Brisbane is measuring the height of the ceiling. Only when the height of the ceiling is measured, will the professional be able to ascertain the strategic location where the fan can be installed, so as to reap the best results. Also, it will help them to measure the suspension rod that they will need to install the fan. Thus, heading straight away without measuring the height is a blunder. 

Not removing the old electrical box before the installation

The professionals must ensure that the precise location where the fan is to be installed is flawlessly measured. It is also imperative to see if power supply accessories like electrical boxes are available. If not, then the techies must look for the next best alternatives. Otherwise, if the electrical box is present, they need to remove the box from the ceiling, before handling the installation. Not doing so is a mistake that the professionals conducting ceiling fan installation in Gold Coast or elsewhere will never do this. 

Turning up with limited electrical accessories & tools

Installation of ceiling fans is a pretty straightforward job and needs a specific range of electrical tools and accessories. However, that does not mean that the professional conducting the installation will turn up with those limited accessories. There is no guarantee that uncalled incidents will not take place and emergency situations will not arise. Thus, a reputed and seasoned electrician in Calamvale or any other Brisbane suburb has to be equipped with a wide range of accessories and tools to be ready for any eventuality. Not doing so is a mistake. 

Turning on the Electrical mains during the installation 

The professionals who are adequately trained and qualified, equipped and seasoned would never work on the installation of the ceiling fan, with the electrical main on. This may turn up to be a huge mistake and an immensely risky affair. In fact, this is one of the reasons why hiring a qualified and adequately qualified electrician in Gold Coast or elsewhere near Brisbane is so important, as the professional would know when to put the main on. 

Wrongly installing the fan brace 

One of the principle tasks of ceiling fan installation is the installation of the brace from which the suspension rod of the fan is hung. The brace has to be installed in a perfect way so that the fan gets its desired grip and can rotate properly. Not doing so is not only a mistake, but will lead to disaster, as the fan might capsize. 

Thus you see, you need to hire an adequately seasoned and experienced electrician, who would never commit these mistakes. What better name can you opt for, than Links Air & Electrical? Call us at 044744 0050 for further details.  

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