What Are the Factors to Consider Before Split Aircon Installation?

Split air conditioning systems are one of the most popular types of air conditioners that people like installing at their homes, offices and business places. They are easier to install, they can offer cooling as well as heating, they cool down the indoor temperature pretty fast, and they run quietly. However, to make sure you are able to make the most of your split AC system and enjoy all these advantages to the fullest, the installation has to be flawless. That is why you need to hire the best and most experienced professionals, who will come up with flawless installations using all their expertise and experience.

The site of installation

The experts offering split aircon installation in Brisbane will at first consider the precise location of the indoor and outdoor unit that the split air system is made up of. They will use all their experience and expertise to install the system at a place where the cooling effect will be maximum and fastest, and the appliance will have to make minimal efforts to make that happen.

The strength of the wall 

This is another very important factor that these professionals will take into account. They will consider the strength of the wall before setting up the indoor unit on it. They make sure that the wall is strong enough to endure the vibration generated by the indoor unit.

The spacing of the indoor unit 

The professionals during the split aircon installation in Calamvale would ensure that there is at least 10 to 15 centimetres of clear space that surrounds the top and sides of the split air conditioner indoor unit. This is imperative for adequate, smooth and uninterrupted air flow. Otherwise, if the airflow is restricted, it could be more difficult for the air conditioning unit to release heat. The running costs of your appliance will also increase as a result of this. It may also inflict harm to the compressor of the unit.

Height at which the indoor unit has to be installed

This is another very important factor that these professionals have to take into account. They will consider the height before installing the AC unit. When the unit is installed at good height, it will ensure that the cool air is equally and proportionally distributed all across the room. It also guarantees, the AC unit does not have to work too hard to cool down the hot air, as it will spike up your power bills significantly.

The location of the outdoor unit

An open area would be perfect for setting up the external unit during split aircon installation in Algester. This might be a terrace, a balcony, the back of a side wall, even over the cornice, as long as it is safely and securely accessible for installation as well as maintenance. An open gap indicates that nothing is obstructing the smooth passage of the air. The compressor and the condenser of your unit will have proper flexibility to operate as well.

That is why you need to ensure that you hire the best installers who are into setting up a split AC unit. Call Links Air & Electrical, as we are among the best when it comes to installing split air conditioning units.

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