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We have 7 years of Professional Experience
Links Air & Electrical is a leading name when it comes to 360-degree air conditioning solutions at an unbeatable price. Serving the industry since 2014, we provide comprehensive solutions to your air conditioning chores which include installation, repairs and maintenance so that you enjoy peace of mind every time you settle on bed to relax.
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    Air Condition Installation
    Whether you are seeking a complete air conditioning replacement or a brand new installation for your premises
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    Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance
    When it comes to fast, reliable and prompt air conditioner repair and maintenance.
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    Split & Multi Head System
    Our multi-head split air conditioner assures greater flexibility, efficiency and durability than a ducted aircon.
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    Duct Multi zone system
    Ducted air conditioning system involves a series of intricate ducts that keeps you cool by providing even airflow throughout the entire room.
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