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Ducted Air Conditioning Repair & Service in Brisbane, Gold Coast

With over 6 years of experience, Links Air & Electrical is one of the most vetted names, when it comes to maintenance and repairing of ducted air conditioning systems in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Why is maintenance of a Ducted Air Conditioning System so Important? Regular maintenance, servicing and repair of the ducted air conditioning system is imperative, as it ensures that the ductwork is in the best condition and shape, with intact joints at the AC units and the vents that make way into the rooms. It also guarantees that all the vents are well connected and the duct tubes are airtight to ensure the maximum cooling effect.

This is where our ducted air conditioning repair and maintenance in Brisbane will make a difference. They will check for any leaks that may make way for the air to escape, and look for dust and dirt in the duck work. They will also look for a blocked filter, which may prematurely increase the running cost of the system.

What makes us your one-stop ducted air conditioning repair and maintenance solution in Gold Coast, Brisbane?

When it comes to ducted air conditioning repair and maintenance in Gold Coast, the most important issue to be taken care of is the zoning aspect. Zoning is indeed, the most critical aspect of a ducted air con unit.

This is where we at Links Air & Electrical will excel. Our highly experienced technicians will use all their experience and knowledge to come up with a comprehensive repair and maintenance service at an affordable price.

How much will the repair and maintenance of a ducted AC unit cost?

It will depend upon the extent of the ductwork, the area that the AC unit will cover and the extent of maintenance and repair our ducted air condition repair experts in Gold Coast will need to come up with.

How much will be the cost of running my ducted Air conditioning unit after the servicing?

This will again depend upon the extent of ductwork you have. However, following our servicing and maintenance, your energy efficiency will surely decrease.

How will the experts make the ductwork more efficient?

Our ducted air condition repair experts in Brisbane will check for the entire ductwork, look for the cracks and dents, and leaks at the joints and the vents as they lead to the rooms. They will plug in any leak and will also clean up with the dust and the dirt.