Things That Aircon Installers Check Before Installing the Appliance

An air conditioner will indeed keep your home or the office cool and it’s a great appliance especially for the summer months. But before you install the appliance on your home or office, the professional carrying out the installation will check for a few things to prevent possible hazards and here we will discuss what they will check. So, follow along.

  • Wall Strength

The technician providing air conditioning installation in Brisbane will first check the strength of your wall where he will be installing the appliance. This is because a weak wall can prove to be dangerous. If it breaks, the entire air conditioner will fall and can lead to accidents. Moreover, chunks of concrete from the wall can also prove to be injurious. 

Anyway, if your wall is weak, the installer will notify you and you might have to buy a lightweight model that the wall can hold.

  • Wall Space

Along with the structural integrity, the professional providing aircon installation in Brisbane and Gold Coast will inspect the space on your wall. 

If there are too many decorative items hanging on the wall or if your wall is small, the air conditioning system might not fit. Then, you will either need to get the appliance installed on a different wall or remove some of the decorative elements to make space for the AC. 

  • Required Space for Installing the Outdoor Unit

Now, the technician providing aircon installation in Algester and Springfield will inspect the outdoor area where they will be installing the compressor. 

You need to have an open space where the outdoor unit can be installed. Moreover, there should not be any plants or pipes that will hinder the flow of the air out of the compressor since an obstruction in the outflow of the air can make the compressor hot and can eventually damage it.

  • Electrical Wiring

To install an air conditioning system, you will need to have good electrical wiring set up in your home or office. Nevertheless, the aircon installers will take the help of a professional electrician in Brisbane to check the wiring.

After checking, if they find that the wiring is set up properly, the installers will proceed with the installation. Else, you need to get your electrical wiring set up properly to prevent electrical hazards.

  • Grounding

Along with the electrical wiring, the electrician in Gold Coast and Park Ridge will check the grounding as well because if this is not set up properly, your air conditioning system can get short-circuited during a thunderstorm and can cause electrical hazards.

  • Electrical Load

Not all air conditioning systems can fit your home. Moreover, different ACs consume different electrical loads. So, the installers will first check how much power the unit is consuming and depending on that they will set the connectors for the system to work optimally.

So, these are a few things that the installers and electricians always check before an AC installation.    

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