How Professional Electricians Find Faults in Your Property?

Electrical faults can give rise to a lot of problems. They can affect the appliances and can even lead to other electrical hazards. So, when you face a fault, you will need to immediately call up your local emergency electricians as they are adept at finding and fixing these faults in both commercial and residential properties.

Today, we will be taking a look at how professional electricians find these faults so that they can repair them accurately.

  • Turning Off the Power in Your Property

The professional electrician in Brisbane and Gold Coast will first turn off all the circuit breakers in your property before starting the fault-finding process as a safety precaution. After that, they will use the necessary diagnostics equipment to pinpoint the fault in the electric systems before they can start repairing them.

  • Restoring Partial Power in Your Property 

As a diagnosis method, the emergency electrician will turn on the main safety switch in your property while keeping the rest of the switches, i.e. the individual ones off. This will not supply power to your appliances or fixtures. Moreover, this will also help the electrician if there are any problems with the main switch. If, however, they detect any, they will repair them before continuing with the fault-finding process.

  • Turning On the Circuit Breakers

Now the electrician in Algester or Springfield will turn on the circuit breakers one by one and this will help them to identify the faults that occur mainly in the circuits. Besides, the accurate procedure of fault-finding is turning the individual circuit breakers one at a time which the emergency electricians always follow.

  • Identifying the Fault 

Now, the electricians will be able to identify the faults when they turn on each switch because the one with the fault in it will trip when turned on. After this, the electrician can take a look at the cause of the fault because most of the times a component failure in the circuit or a related issue causes the fault to occur.

  • Turning Off Power to Repair the Fault

After basic identification, the electrician from Browns Plains or Park Ridge will turn off the power once again to detect which of the components in the circuit is causing the fault because he will either repair the component or replace it fully to solve the problem.

  • Restoring the Power in Your Property

Sometimes, the fault can be in more than one circuit. So, after repairing or replacing the component, the electrician will again turn on the circuit breakers one by one to restore power in your house. This will help them to identify faults or problems in the other circuits. However, if the other circuit breakers are working fine, it means there aren’t any faults left to repair.

  • Using Specific Equipment and Tests to Find Faults

Apart from the methods we mentioned, the electricians will also use a DVOM i.e. Digital Volt-Ohm Meter equipment to find faults. 

Other than that, they will also use the wiggling test to get an idea about the faults.

Best Emergency Electricians to Detect and Repair Faults

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