Factors to Consider Before Installation of Ducted Air Conditioning System

Installation of an air conditioning system is something that needs to be conducted by licensed and qualified professionals who have been in the business for years. The reason is simple – installation of an air conditioning system, more so that of a ducted one, is an intricate job and it involves considerations of a number of factors. That is the reason, you hire the best professionals of your locality, for installation of a ducted AC system. For instance, if you are in Brisbane or Gold Coast, you need to hire the best name that offers air conditioning installation in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or elsewhere, depending upon your location. 

On this page, we discuss top factors that professionals need to consider before installation of a ducted air conditioning system in the domestic sector. 

The Size of the property….

This is the first and foremost factor that the professionals of an air conditioning service provider in Brisbane would consider before taking a step, and rightly so. The extent and the nature of the ducting that the professionals will come up with are directly proportional to the size of your property. The layout or planning of your home will determine the type of ducting they will set up. 

The purpose of the space(s)….

This is another important factor that the professionals would consider while installing ducted air conditioning in Brisbane. They will consider the hours of usage, the nature of use you are planning to use the space(s) for, and the maximum number of occupants that the said space is going to have at any given point in time. They will also consider the nature and extent of furniture and fittings in the room. Besides, the professionals offering ducted air conditioning in Gold Coast will also see whether the space is going to have any electrical or other heat-generating appliance installed. All these factors will collectively determine the nature of the ductwork and the number of vent outlets, the space would need to facilitate adequate and uniform cooling. 

The material your property is made of….

This may very well come up as an eyebrow-raiser, but to be frank, the materials that your property is made up of do make a difference in the ductwork of your AC system. Hence, professionals offering ducted air conditioning in Brisbane like in any other place would take into account whether your home is made up of pure brickwork and concrete, weatherboard, or whether it is a combination of both.

They would also consider the distance between your home and that of your next-door neighbours. Remember, if you have a fairly large ducted AC system it might be a noisy phenomenon and will invariably affect your relation with your next-door neighbours. If it’s a pretty congested locality, the professionals offering air conditioning in Gold Coast might advise you to refrain from the installation of any ducted AC in the first place. 

The present insulation level and airflow…

Installation of a ducted AC system involves a fairly high installment. Hence, you must look for cost curtailments. Therefore, you must look for areas that can do even without an AC effect and if you find some, you may well leave those areas out of the ductwork and save costs. For that, the professionals carrying out ducted air conditioning in Gold Coast or elsewhere will look for areas of your home where the natural breeze can be utilised. If so, they can be kept out of the ductwork for cost-saving. 

Besides all these, professionals offering air conditioning installation in Gold Coast will take into account your budget before coming up with the plan. 

Thus you see, there are so many points that professional electricians in Brisbane or Gold Coast would take before installation of a ducted AC system. Naturally, you must opt for the best name in the business. What better name can you opt for, than Links Air & Electrical, if you are in Brisbane or Gold Coast? To know the details and book a service call, dial us at 044744 0050 during our hours of operations. 

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