Things You Should Always Keep in Mind When Using Ceramic or Glass Cooktop

It goes without saying that an electric cooktop is more trendy and functional than the traditional one, yet it does need careful handling and regular maintenance to perform smoothly. In order to prevent discolouration, scratches or damage, routine cooktop cleaning is essential and being a homeowner, you should be proactive with cooktop cleaning and give up your bad habits to maintain it in top shape for years. 

Good Habits To Keep Your Cooktop Running in Top Shape

Whether you have a smooth electric cooktop or a built-in counter one, these tips would considerably help in protecting your appliance for years. Moreover, regular cooktop cleaning can preserve the lustre it had at the time of buying and make your appliance perform uninterruptedly. 

Read through the lines below and learn the correct usage of ceramic or glass cooktops.

  • Placing cast iron cookware on a smooth cooktop range can cause significant damage and compel you hire professional cooktop repairs in Springfield for immediate fixes. The bottom of cast iron utensils are usually rough and any movement of the cookware can leave behind permanent scratches which can be difficult to remove later. 
  • Avoid using pans or skillets having rounded bottoms as they might prevent you from getting even heat distribution. Pans that come with flat base performs better and helps in even heat distribution. Moreover, they are stable on smooth cooktops. On the other hand, rounded edge stovetop doesn’t perform well and compel you hire cooktop repairs in Park Ridge at an early stage.
  • When it comes to cleaning glass or ceramic cooktop, always avoid using abrasive detergents or metal pads as they can leave behind unsightly scratches and cause cooktop to malfunction. As an alternative, you may use a soft sponge or creamy solutions that are specially designed for cleaning ceramic or glass cooktops.
  • Technicians offering cooktop repairs in Browns Plains recommend not to drag heavy cookware to avoid significant damage to cooktop. Instead, you may transfer heavy pots to another place to mitigate the risk of scratches and damages. 
  • When cooking with sugary items, make sure not to spill liquids on a smooth cooktop base. Sugary spills can discolour the appliance and leave behind yellow spots which can be challenging to remove later. This mishap becomes more noticeable on white or grey cooktops and therefore, if you are dealing with a light-coloured cooktop, you should clean spills immediately to mitigate the risk of permanent discolouration. 
  • Never place heavy items on a smooth cooktop base even for a few minutes. The glass may appear to withstand the weight initially but when it the glass or ceramic would reach the maximum heated temperature and expand, it might break or shatter to pieces, thereby, leave you with no other option than hiring professional cooktop repairs in Calamvale.

By keeping the above things in mind, you can prevent permanent damage to your glass or ceramic cooktop. 

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