A Guide to Preparing Your Home for an Air Conditioning Installation

Christmas is just around the corner and this is a good time for an air conditioning installation in your home in Brisbane as you can get some good offers while buying the appliance. Similarly, you might also get a few good offers when and if you hire a professional electrician in Brisbane for installing the air conditioner. But before you can install the appliance you need to prepare your home and you can do that by following this guide.

  • Cleaning the Ducts

Cleaning the ducts is very important as the cool and fresh air will be circulated through these ducts. You can clean the ducts with a DIY service or you can hire professionals for the job who will remove the accumulated dirt and dust. Cleaning the ducts does not take much time but you need to make sure that the cleaning process is being done with efficiency as more amount of dust particles get accumulated during the winter season as compared to the other seasons.

  • Removing Obstacles from the Technician’s Path

Before the air conditioning installation in Brisbane can take place, you need to clear the area for the technician so that he faces no problems in installing the air conditioning system in your home. If there is furniture or other items, move them to a different place so that the technician can easily get the system up. 

Before the technician can install the outdoor unit make sure to keep the area free of plants or other decorative items. The outdoor unit is generally heavier and if there is no clear space, installation of the unit can become quite difficult.

  • Calculating the Load

Before the installation, you need to calculate the load that is required to heat and cool your home. For this, you can contact a company that provides emergency electrician service in Brisbane who can quickly inspect your home and calculate the load. 

The technician will determine the type of system that you need by viewing the structure of the roof, the windows, etc. in your home. The technician will do a block assessment to find the exact load that is needed for your home.

  • Testing the New Air Conditioner

Before installation, the technician will need to test the new air conditioner to see if it is working properly and you will need to ask the technician to inspect the system because there have been instances where the air conditioners have failed to start after the installation. So, in an air conditioning in Brisbane testing the system as well as the electrical output of your home is important.

  • Fix the Cracks in Your Wall

If there are cracks on the wall of your home you will need to get it fixed by a builder before the installation of the AC. Also, ask the builder to check if your walls can withstand the weight of the indoor unit. This is important because there have been instances where the installation of the indoor units on weak walls have caused damage to the walls.

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