4 Terrible Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes You Should Always Avoid

An air conditioner may seem easy to operate but the proper functioning depends upon correct placement of the appliance and various other factors. Even minor mistakes during aircon installation can affect its performance and curtail its lifespan in the coming years. Here are 4 costly blunders you must avoid during aircon installation to ensure uninterrupted performance and extended lifespan of your machine.

Wrong Size Aircon Installation

Installing an airconditioner requires professional skills, expertise and knowledge. Those who take the plunge despite being a layman choose the wrong size appliance and end up compromising the work efficiency of their appliance. Installing an over-sized aircon can result in improper humidity control, high energy consumption, disturbance in temperature balances and many more. Similarly, an undersized machine may fail to provide sufficient cooling and seize to function over a prolonged time period. To avoid any such circumstances, it’s always wise to seek help of a professional electrician in Brisbane who can guide on proper load circulation and determine the cooling capacity required for your home to make aircon installation successful.

Incorrect Positioning of the Appliance

Proper placement of aircon is extremely important as it can influence the energy consumption and smooth airflow throughout the home. Homeowners who place their appliance on high-heat walls end up compromising the work efficiency of their appliance as humidity affects the cooling and causes the machine to work harder. When installing window AC, it’s important to ensure the machine is slightly tilted towards the back for proper drainage. Smooth ventilation is equally important for smooth and uninterrupted performance of your appliance and hence, it’s better to hire experts offering air conditioning service in Brisbane & Gold Coast to ensure your electric bills remains undisturbed.

Wrong Positioning of the Thermostat

Thermostats should not be placed near lamps or any other sources of heat during aircon installation to minimise obstructions during operation. People who skip hiring technicians expose the thermostat to heat and end up paying high energy bills. Heat causes thermostat to work harder than usual and over performance results in improper cooling, disturbs humidity levels and add up the costs for air conditioning service in Browns Plains. In addition, forced performance reduces the work efficiency and lifespan of the appliance, thereby, compelling you to opt for a brand new replacement before the expected time.

Poor Indoor Air Quality 

Air pollutants adversely affect the performance of air conditioners and reduce the lifespan of your appliance. Pollutants such as carpet mould, pollens, dust particles and bacteria can aggravate and spread all over your home if air circulation is not adequate and the humidity level is high. These air pollutants wrecks havoc on the smooth functioning of your appliance and curtail it’s longevity. However, you can mitigate the risks of damage during aircon installation by hiring professional air conditioning service in Springfield where the technicians can advise multiple steps to control air pollution inside your home.

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