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What Are the Consequences of Incorrect Air Conditioning Installation?

If you are toying with the idea of self-installation of your AC unit or planning to hire a rookie professional to have your air conditioning unit installed, you should think twice. That may not only drain down your investment and most importantly stop you from making the most of your AC unit. That apart, there are various issues that you may face, when you have your air conditioning unit erroneously installed. On this page, let us discuss the issues that you are likely to face.

Your AC unit will make some weird noises

AC units do not run silently. They make soft, humming noises that we are all familiar with. However, that is not the case, as and when you have faulty installation of your AC unit. The type of sound that they make depends on the type and gravity of mistake that has been committed during the installation.

The sounds that the unit may make would include banging and rolling noise, a gargling or clicking noise, a sharp whistling and roaring noise, interrupted by occasional clatters. All these are telltale signs that tell, your air conditioning Installation in Brisbane has not been flawless.

The Unit responds slowly to the temperature changes

Quality AC units from the best brands would instantly respond to the temperature changes as and when commanded, and that change is the temperature that gets very much evident and can be felt almost instantaneously. Now, when there are some issues with the installation, this change is very slow. In fact, your AC unit will take ages to respond to the change, and it may be a handful of minutes, as much as 20 to 30 minutes, before the change can be felt. And then also, the change will not be that palpable and felt. All these take you to the only and only conclusion, your air conditioning installation in Browns Plains has not been smooth and flawless.

Inadequate airflow 

This is yet another very common sign and symptom of faulty installation of your air conditioning unit. It is obvious that you will install an AC unit of the right tonnage taking into consideration the area and the dimension of the room where the unit has been installed. Under such circumstances, your AC unit is expected to flood your room with an overwhelming and uniform flow of air, bringing down the temperature of the room in a jiffy. That is not the case when the aircon installation is faulty.

You will find that you are not feeling that chill in the air even if you have marked down the temperature and there is too little airflow from the unit, making you feel warmish, if not hot. That’s the result of an inadequate air flow simply because the inflow of the air has been inadequate all throughout. Again, a faulty air conditioning unit is to be blamed for this.

Poor energy efficiency 

Modern AC Units that roll out from the factories of the best brands are highly energy efficient. No matter what tonnage of AC unit you install and no matter to what extent you use it, the unit will not bring any major change to your power consumption and your power bills. However, when you do not install your AC unit properly, that cushion of energy efficiency is gone. The system is not that energy efficient any more. The results? You find a sudden spike in your power bills, compelling you to summon the local air conditioning service in Calamvale for a quick repair.

So you see, these are the issues you are likely to face, if you have faulty AC unit installation. That is why you need to hire a reputable AC installation service. Hire Links Air & Electrical if you are in and around Brisbane as we are one of the best. Call us to book our service.