Expert Tips to Follow When Installing a Ceiling Fan by Yourself

Ceiling fan installation is one of the basic household requirements. It is practically impossible to reside in tropical countries without ceiling fans. However, installing it all by yourself can be tricky. Without proper installation, the functionality of the fan and your effort, all goes to vain. This is why it’s always recommended to appoint a professional for ceiling fan installation in Brisbane. But, if you wish to do it yourself, you need to keep a few things in mind to avoid spending a fortune.

  • Finding the Proper Location to Install the Ceiling Fan 

Once you buy a ceiling fan, identify the prime location to set it up. It is crucial to get the most out of your ceiling fan as where you install, will determine the effectiveness of the fan. First figure out where to place it so that it can distribute equal air across the room.

  • Size of the Fan Matters

“Bigger is not always better”goes a saying.

The same goes for ceiling fans as well. For smaller rooms, a small to mid-sized fan can function pretty well. Here, installing a bigger fan will not result in more cooling. Thus, it is crucial to check the fan size properly from a certified technician before getting it installed.

  • Height of the Ceiling

Another essential factor to consider when setting up a ceiling fan is the room height. Before mounting the fan, hire a licensed technician for ceiling fan installation in Browns Plains. The professional can properly measure the height of the room and recommend the ideal ceiling fan for a particular room. However, if you wish to do it yourself, keep in mind that the ideal height is considered between 9-11 feet to help the fan distribute the air properly.

  • Keep the necessary tools in hand 

Before mounting a ceiling fan by yourself, keep the required tools for installation handy. Some of the things you need are:

  • Ceiling fan kit
  • Screwdriver set
  • Electric Drill
  • Voltage tester
  • Duct tape
  • Pliers and wire strippers
  • Brackets

As you need to climb a ladder, stay cautious. Use a shock-proof telescopic ladder to stay safe.

  • Consider remote-operated ceiling fans 

Remote-controlled ceiling fans are gaining much popularity for its convenience, lower maintenance costs and energy-saving factor. Although, keep in mind that such fans require slightly different installation mechanisms. In that case, it’s recommended to avoid a DIY approach. It is best to look for a certified technician dealing with ceiling fan installation in Springfield if you want to reap the maximum out of the appliance.

Installing a ceiling fan might seem a cakewalk, but practically speaking, it is not a layman’s job. You must go through the installation guidelines that come with the fan thoroughly and remain extra cautious of the electric wiring. Seeking help from a professional like Links Air & Electrical can lift this burden off your shoulders.

You can contact us at or schedule an appointment with our technician at 044744 0050. We’ll install the ceiling fan following the safety protocols and get its blades rolling in no time!

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