Safety Guidelines That Professional Electricians Always Follow

An electrical hazard can claim a life. So, professional electricians undergo training where they are taught the ways to stay safe. Additionally, they follow certain safety guidelines when diagnosing or repairing electrical problems and here we will discuss some of the guidelines in detail. Also, if you are in Brisbane or the nearby suburbs such as Gold Coast or Algester, make sure that the electrician whom you are hiring is following these guidelines.

Avoiding Direct Contact with Live Electrical Circuits

A professional electrician in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Springfield will never touch the electrical circuits through which electricity is flowing as he might get a high voltage shock. So, they always wear insulated gloves or full-body gear, especially when working in areas involving high voltage cables or circuits. 

Avoiding Water During Electrical Repairs

Water is a conductor of electricity and hence professional electricians avoid it all costs. Moreover, water might cause sparks that might lead to a fire in the residential and commercial area.

Disconnecting the Power Source

When working with high-tension cables, the professional providing the emergency electrician service in Gold Coast and Brisbane will always disconnect the power source to avoid getting a shock or other electrical hazards. The high tension cables deal with a high amount of voltage and the rate of survival after coming in contact with them is very low. For this reason, electricians always deal carefully with these cables.

Avoiding the Use of Metallic Tools when Working with Electrical Equipment

When working with electrical equipment, professional electricians always avoid metallic tools such as pencils, watchbands, etc. as all of these are good conductors of electricity and the chances of getting a shock is huge. Also, they avoid wearing rings when working with complex electrical equipment as rings are made with metals and metals are conductors of electricity too.

Testing is Important Before the Repair Work

Before starting the repair work, the electrician in Algester, Gold Coast or Brisbane will need to thoroughly test the cables, circuits, fuses or the equipment for short circuits or surface electricity that might cause a shock. So, the electricians always use a specific set of tools for testing the affected areas before they can start their job.

Avoiding Repairing of Energised Equipment

The professionals never repair energised equipment and when it comes to repairing equipment, they always test it first. However, sometimes static electricity might be present in some machinery. So, the professionals make sure that they de-energise them first before they can carry out the repairing.

Avoiding the Use of Metallic Ladders

When working in areas where high tension cables or high voltage equipment is present, the electricians avoid working with metallic ladders because if an electrical surge occurs, the voltage might pass through the metallic ladder giving a shock. So, they always use ladders made of wood or fibreglass.

Making Sure that the Area Has Proper Grounding

Grounding prevents electrical surges. So, before starting work, the electrician will need to make sure that proper grounding is present in the area. 

Thus, if these points are followed, the electrician can be safe when working in different areas and with different equipment.

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