Installing an Air Conditioning System? This is How You Should Prepare

An air conditioning system is the best solution for keeping your home cool. But, before you can install the unit in your home or office, you will need to complete the preparatory steps. So, today we will focus on how you can complete the preparation without facing hassles. However, before we move to the steps required for preparation, we would recommend that you go choose the installers who provide the services in several areas in and around Brisbane and Gold Coast.

  • Determining the Location for the Indoor and Outdoor Unit Installation     

The professional providing the air conditioning installation in Brisbane, Gold Coast andSpringfield will install both the indoor and the outdoor units. For that, they will need to inspect your home or office first. 

In the inspection procedure, the professional will see if the walls in your location will be capable of holding the air conditioning unit. For instance, if the walls in your home are not strong enough, the indoor unit cannot be installed. So, in this scenario, you might need an artificial wall, and the same goes for the outdoor unit.

  • Clearing the Area around the Outdoor Unit 

The area around the outdoor unit of the air conditioning system should be free of plants, debris, etc. So, before the unit can be installed, you will need to remove these. If you can do it by yourself, it’s fine. Otherwise, it’s best to call some professionals for the cleaning job.

  • Inspecting the Air Conditioning System before Installation

Before the system can be installed, the professionals carrying out the aircon installation in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Calamvale will check both the indoor and the outdoor unit for defects. Because not doing so is a mistake. If, after installing the air conditioning unit the system fails to work, they will need to dismount it again and send it to the manufacturers for a replacement.

  • Installation of the Ductwork

If you don’t have ducts installed, you will need to install get them installed so that air can flow smoothly in all of your rooms. In fact, ductwork is an important part of preparation. If you don’t have the idea about it, the professionals will help you out.

  • Maintaining Appropriate Distance between Outdoor and Indoor Units

Before the professional providing or the air conditioning in Brisbane can install the outdoor and indoor air conditioning units, make sure there is enough space between both the units. Otherwise, you cannot achieve optimal performance. Make sure that the space in between is around 15 to 20 metres.

  • Getting Stuff out of the Rooms to Make Way for the Technician

You will need to clear objects from your room so that the technician providing the installation can get easy access to your room and carry out the installation service. For this, take some time off and relocate the furniture or a few other items.

  • Getting the Power Lines Checked by Electricians

You will need to get the power lines checked by a professional electrician in Brisbane so that the installation can be carried out easily. 

The electrician will check for faults or other problems to prevent electrical hazards before the installation of the air conditioning unit can take place.

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