6 Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Install a New Air Conditioner

Even if you service your air conditioner every month or at least bi-monthly, it will not last a lifetime. And when it has reached its end of life, it will give off certain signs. By noticing them you can make the right decision. Anyway, if you are in Brisbane and facing issues with your existing air conditioning system, go through the points mentioned here. If you notice most or all the indications mentioned here, it will be better if you get a new aircon.

Let us now delve into the signs that you need to look for before you invest in a new appliance.

  • Foul Air

Do you notice odours whenever your air conditioner is on? It can be a sign that the internal filters are filled with dust, and removing them can give you clean fresh air. For that, all you need to do is book an air conditioning service in Brisbane. However, if the odour reappears after a few days or refuses to go away at all, it is an indication that the internal components might be damaged. So, rather than repairing, it’s best to change the entire appliance overall.

  • You are Suffering From Flu and Other Allergic Reactions

This might sound like a filtration problem that your air conditioner might have, but in reality, the situation can be something more serious.

When the internal components in your air conditioner emit harmful chemicals, they can also cause flu, allergies or other similar reactions. So, if you are experiencing this issue, get your appliance checked immediately. If a filter change resolves this issue, then it’s good. Else, get the entire aircon changed.

  • You Notice Fire from the Inside Or Outside Unit

Though this is a rare occurrence, still, if you find fire coming out of the internal or external air conditioner unit, or burnt spots, get rid of the appliance and buy a new one. Then, call in professionals carrying our air conditioning installation in Brisbane to get the appliance set up and calibrated.

  • High Power Bills

When and if you notice high electricity bills, then your air conditioning unit is to blame. Surely, the newer models that can now be found are more power-efficient and help save electricity. Therefore, to save money, investing in a new appliance is always a better idea.

  • Not Enough Cool Air

This is a typical problem that many people face. But a Brisbane air conditioning service will help resolve the issue. However, if you notice that even after servicing there is no improvement or if coolness disappears within a few days, it’s time to buy a new appliance.

  • Short Circuits or Electrical Shocks

If you receive a shock from the air conditioner’s power outlet or if the entire wiring is short-circuited and the appliance is not running, you can expect that the appliance is fully damaged. Nevertheless, get it examined by a professional first.

Lastly, before you install a new air conditioner, contact an electrician in Brisbane and get the entire electrical framework checked to avoid hazards.

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