Symptoms of Low Refrigerant Gas in Your Split AC

Just like your refrigerator, your air conditioning systems – regardless of their type, run out of gas, and when they do so,  they return certain unmistakable signs. On this page, let us discuss the signs as they unfurl gradually. As and when this happens, you must summon a professional electrician in Brisbane, who will be able address the issue and solve it. 

Abnormally Low Extent of cooling

As and when your air conditioning system starts losing gas, its cooling prowess will bear the first impact. You will find that the cooling capacity of the unit in question has diminished alarmingly. As the cooling effect reduces, you will find that the indoor unit (in case of a split AC) blower has started throwing in warm air, rather than cold. When this happens, gas leakage may be the most probable sign, though this may not always be the cause. This can happen due to faulty installation as well, and that is why, you must always put stakes in a top quality air conditioning installation company in Brisbane or wherever you are. Other probable reasons behind this phenomenon include clogged filters and capillary, dirty outdoor and indoor units, and the likes. 

Formation of Excessive Ice on the Evaporator coil 

As and when your air conditioning system starts losing gas, you will find formation of ice sheets on the evaporator coils. Now the extent of ice that is formed on the evaporator coil will indicate the amount of gas leakage. This will also result in dripping of water from the indoor unit. You must not delay in summoning an electrician, offering emergency electrician service in Brisbane, or wherever you are. 

Formation of Ice on the Discharge Pipe

Leakage of gas leads to formation of ice on the discharge pipe near the outdoor unit. You will find two pipes connected to the outdoor unit of your split AC, which connects to the indoor unit. One of them is called the discharge pipe, while the other is termed as suction pipe. As and when the compressor of the AC starts functioning it will result in the lowering of the temperature both in the discharge and suction pipe. However, none accumulates ice. However, in case there is low gas, the discharge pipe starts accumulating ice, while the suction pipe does not get cold at all. This is the clear indication of gas leakage and you must summon a quality air conditioning expert in Springfield offering instant repair service. 

Lower Value of input current

If you have a split AC, you will find the current value of the unit mentioned  in a label pasted on the outdoor unit of the AC. 

In case your AC unit is losing the refrigerant, the appliance will consume less ampere current. Thus, it will result in the return of a lower value of input current than what is mentioned on the label. The air conditioning technician in Browns Plains will use a wattmeter to check the input current value. 

Thus, these are the telltale signs that our AC will show up in case it loses gas. You need to hire the best air conditioning repair service in Park Ridge or elsewhere near Brisbane

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