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Major Causes of Air Conditioning System Failures in the Short Run

After installing an air conditioner in your Brisbane home or office, you would expect it to provide you with optimal service for years. In reality, if the appliance is free of defects, it can indeed work optimally for years. But even if there aren’t any defects, it can fail to work in the short run too.

There are several reasons for these failures, and here, we will take a look at what they are.

  1. 1. Not Setting the Temperature Correctly    

Professionals performing split air conditioning installation service in Brisbane recommend that you set up the temperature of the appliance not too low and neither too high.

The temperature should be such that you feel comfortable inside the room. Ideally, it needs to be 25 or 24 degrees celsius.

The reason why you should not set extreme temperatures is that it puts extra pressure on the internal components that maintain and stabilise the flow of cool air. This leads to early component damage.

  1. 2. Delaying Filter Cleaning  

The filters of an air conditioning system need to be cleaned periodically to retain the circulation of clean air. But if you delay this, not only are you risking the flow of unclean air filled with germs, but also you are forcing the appliance to work harder.

Quite naturally, this will increase your power consumption and swift wear and tear of the internal components. So, technicians carrying out aircon installation in Brisbane recommend that you get the filters cleaned every few months.

  1. 3. Turning the AC Power on and off Frequently 

If you have set the air conditioning in your home or establishment to automatically turn on and off, there will not be much damage. But if you manually turn the system’s power on and off from the mainboard too much, you are putting an extra load on the capacitor. This can lead to AC capacitor failure in the short run.

In this scenario, you will need to call in a professional technician to get it repaired. So, if you have to be cautious of this fact.

  1. 4. Not Repairing the Occasional Electrical Surges

A sudden electrical surge can be extremely damaging to the components of an air conditioner. And if it happens occasionally, you should hire a professional electrician in Brisbane and get it fixed. Otherwise, the appliance can get damaged in the short run.

  1. 5. The AC Is Not Installed Properly

During the installation, the installers need to maintain the alignment of the internal as well as the external unit. Furthermore, they need to make sure that the blower of the external unit is not blocked by any objects or plants. Basically, these are basic steps that ensure smooth AC operation. So, make sure you are hiring professional installers.

  1. 6. Not Getting Your Property’s Electrical Framework Checked

Since an aircon can be affected by power surges as mentioned already, you should get your property’s electrical framework checked by a company offering emergency electrician services in Brisbane.

The electricians will determine whether there are any issues in the wiring that might affect your appliances. After that, they will repair the same to keep your AC and other systems safe from getting damaged in the short run.

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