Guidelines that Specialists Follow During Split Air Conditioning Installation

Installation of a split air conditioning system has never been easy. With a number of points to be taken into conjecture and consideration, it has always been rather tricky, compelling you to opt for the very best installer in the industry. Take for instance us. At Links Air & Electrical, our experts who carry out installation of split air conditioning systems in and around Brisbane would take into account a number of factors that make the installation flawless and effective. It also makes sure that you can make the most out of your split AC system.

Let us look into those points that these professional aircon Installation specialists in Brisbane will consider while installing the unit. 

The strength of the wall where the indoor unit is to be set up

The last thing you want to see if you wall give in just because it could not hold back the weight of the indoor unit. Thus, the wall where the indoor unit of the system is to be set up has to be strong enough to carry the weight of the indoor unit. This is the first and foremost factor that the professionals would look for, during split air conditioning installation in Brisbane. They need to consider the strength of the wall. 

The spacing between the wall and the indoor unit 

Technically speaking, the indoor air condition unit needs a minimum of 15 cm of open space around its top as well as its sides for a proper flow of air. Thus, the experts will have to take a hard look the proposed wall for setting up of the indoor unit, during air conditioning installation in Gold Coast, or elsewhere. This is to ensure that the user can make the most of the air conditioning system and get the money’s worth. Also, this will reduce the energy efficiency of the unit, for if there is any obstacle in the way of the air flow, it will affect the overall room temperature and the unit will have to work harder to cool the room. This will increase its energy consumption and speed up its depreciation. So you see, positioning the indoor unit is a very important part of air conditioning installation in Browns Plains or elsewhere in the Gold Coast area.

Calculating the correct height of the indoor unit from the floor 

Again, every professional electrician in Gold Coast should consider mounting the indoor unit at the correct height. You should mount it at least 7 to 8 feet above the floor for facilitating adequate flow of air and resultant interior room. 

Ensuring the correct tilt angle 

When it comes to fixing the brackets on the wall prior to the air conditioning indoor unit Installation in Park Ridge, the experts will consider giving the brackets a slight tilt angle, so that the unit rests at a slender angle with respect to the wall. This ensures an unhindered flow of the condensed water from the unit’s drainage pipe.

Selecting the proper location for the outdoor unit

To facilitate proper cooling, the experts offering split air conditioning installation in Springfield or elsewhere near Brisbane would pick up the correct spot. Now this is a tricky part as it is important to mount the outdoor unit from direct sunlight and water. Also, it has to be installed at an open space, so that there is no blockage to the heat as and when it dissipates from the unit’s condenser. 

Thus you see, there are so many factors to choose before installation of split AC and only the most reputed names can do so flawlessly. Thus, call us at 044744 0050 for an appointment.