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Professional Cooktop Repair Service in Algester

If you have been in the pursuit of a professional cooktop repair service provider in Algester, it should end at LINKS AIR & ELECTRICAL! With 7 years of experience in the appliance repair industry, and being home to some of the best experts, we have developed a repute and character as one of the most trustworthy, friendly service provider you would just love to enjoy service of. We are not only professional but transparent, with an honest quoting system, which collectively makes us one of the most competent names in the industry niche.

LINKS AIR & ELECTRICAL are specialists in the repair and maintenance of cooktops in domestic as well as commercial kitchens. Our highly trained experts would repair the common cooktop faults as well as their serious malfunctions, no matter whether they are electric or gas cooktops. If the repair involves the replacement of defective spare parts, we do so by replacing the faulty parts with their genuine counterparts, to ensure that the cooktops get an extended life.

The most frequent cooktops repair repairs that we carry out involve:

Electric Cooktop
  • Fixing non-responsive cooktop
  • oven fan functions but without generating any heat/with uneven heat distribution
  • the grill functions, but the main over does not
  • the fan runs but makes excessive noise
  • the door does not close properly
Gas Cooktop
  • The burner does not light up, though the sparker works
  • The control knob does not generate any spark even though it is activated
  • The gas line is somehow obstructed

Once you face any,or a combination of these problems, just CONTACT US to book an appointment. Our technicians will appear at your place in no time, to solve the issue in a jiffy. All our techies are factory-trained to turn up at your home, rental property, or business to repair the cooktop right there – onsite.

We offer cost-effective service, with transparency, and no hidden costs involved and this ensures that when you hire us, you have a handsome return of your investment on us…always!